Social Media Guys Pricing

Hourly rates are $75/00 for training, consulting and implementation for Social Media infrastructure – (minimum two hours)

We generally charge the following fees for our services:

1) Create or update existing Facebook Page and populate with friends, fans and businesses of common interest – Price $500.00

2) Create or migrate your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page – Price $250.00

Your business Facebook fans don’t need to know everything about your family and friends.

3) Develop a custom Facebook Welcome landing page to capture fans and capture email addresses of your clients. Price $500.00

4) Create website/blog using available templates $1500.00

5) Create hosted website/blog $2000.00 – hosting charges and template fees may apply

6) Create branded Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as social media channels with a single auto-posting feature. Price for is $500.00

7) Create email marketing list from your information and databases. Priced at $400.00/day

8) Create email marketing campaigns using your email list.  $500.00 for 1st campaign, $350 for each subsequent campaign using same artwork

9) Create LinkedIn profile, populate with your data and link to other social media channels – $400.00

10) Customization and development of WordPress and Facebook – $125.00 hour

We can also act as you proxy and give weekly posts, updates and maintenance of your Social Media infrastructure until you ready to take it over fully.

Starting at $250.00 per month – Quarterly and yearly rates are available.

Coaching & Training

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